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the action of NGO's in Ukraine ..

Vice news ... a Fox NGO..

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Yulia Tymoshenko: They must be killed with nuclear weapons..!

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The Nazis Even Hitler Was Afraid of

By George Eliason

What separates the Banderas from every other genocidal perpetrator of war is this: Even though the German SS had units dedicated to genocide, the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists (OUN)approached this mission with a zeal and barbarity that Hitler's own units could not muster. They routinely tortured people with saws and axes, and used the most painful methods they could devise to kill them. And now they are back!

EU politicians that supported the Maidan Revolution are voicing concerns bordering on fear about how much control Ultra Nationalists have over the government in Kiev. Chancellor Merkel's government is telling her she can no longer afford to ignore the Ultra Nationalists in Ukraine. They are scared Germany will be responsible for setting up a new Reich. It's time to strip away the rest of the veneer and take a look at what's really there.

Forget about the Nazi symbolism, and ultra-nationalist exuberance. I will even grant supporters of the current government that much.

Every important ministry, from education and social policy to policing, prosecution and national defense, is headed by Ultra Nationalists. In every aspect of national life, Ultra Nationalists now determine what it means to be Ukrainian and all the policies needed to enforce it.Even Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk falls among this moderate majority. For generations his own family has had a proud tradition of service to the Ultra- Nationalist cause and has won awards for their service. Before Maidan it hurt his chances for election. After Maidan he didn't need to worry about election.

What is Scary 
In an OpEd in the LA Times, entitled "Ukraine's Threat from Within," Director of the School of International Relations at USC Robert English very concisely warns that "the way Ukrainian Ultra Nationalists whitewash Bandera history, which is their past, makes the present and future 
all that much more scary." The Banderas, or Banderites, are activists in the Ukrainian Ultra Nationalist movement that is now in control of the government in Ukraine. Under the militant leadership of Stepan Bandera in World War II, the ultra-nationalists organized the Ukrainian Waffen SS Galician, Nichtengall, and Roland Divisions that collaborated with the Nazis and were responsible for the genocide of over 500,000 people. Following the war, however, Ukrainian Nazis were the only group to escape trial at Nuremburg for crimes against humanity. Moreover, neither the Banderas, the Ukrainian Waffen SS, nor any other Ukrainian collaborators have ever apologized for their participation in genocide. 
In the landmark work on the subject , Genocide Committed by Ukrainian Nationalists on the Polish Population During World War II, Ryszard Szawlowski characterizes it this way: 

"...the Germans have long admitted to their crimes, and have apologized for them publicly .... [The] president of the Federal Republic of Germany, Roman Herzog, [said] in his speech in Warsaw on August 1, 1994 ... 'I bow before the fighters of the Warsaw Uprising, and before all the Polish war victims. I beg forgiveness for what the Germans did.' Russian president Boris Yeltsin, when he kissed monsignor Zdzislaw Peszkowski on the hand, whispered the words 'I apologize' ....   

"Ukrainian genocide committed against the Poles during World War II surpassed German and Soviet genocide .... [It] was marked by the utmost ruthlessness and barbarity, and ... up until the present day, it has been denied or, at best, presented with reminders that all is "relative' or other such evasions."

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οι Δημοκράτες του Κιέβου

με αυτούς συντάχθηκε η Ελληνική κυβέρνηση και συνυπέγραψε "κυρώσεις" κατά της Ρωσίας..

 4-5 νεοφασίστες Μαηντανηδες μπουκάρουν στον διευθυντή του Τηλεοπτικού σταθμού του Κιέβου και τον εξαναγκάζουν να δηλώσει παραίτηση .. (πούσε  Καψή να δεις πως γίνονται οι δουλιές όμορφα και δημοκρατικά ..)
14 March 2014 Ukraine
State Media building "Pervy Kanal" = First Channel

Three Memeber of Parlament of the Party Svaboda accompanied with their "sportsfriends" ie bats, want to speak the States Television Chef.

Than talking about employees of State TV and telling the Blonde girl has a russian citizenship.

Parlament Member, Igor Miroschnitschenko

00:45 Why are you here today?

Whe thought when this is a so called "National States Television/Transmitter", then we want to see how much Nationality it really represents.

Because this Enemies, for our State and with our Money, critize in TV about (us) and that for a long time. 

We want to ask the Chef of "The First Channel" why is this State Television showing live the Kremls Ceremonie in Moscow of the Seperatists of the Crimea.

The Channel shows the "sexuellact" between Kreml and Seperatists of Crimea, which ignored the territorial integrity of Ukraine.

01:56 Chef of States Television,"The First Channel" Alexander Pantelejmonov

Miro: We are wondering what you showing in TV. By the way i want you to introduce to Bogdan Benjuk (Svaboda). He has the official title "people's artist

The fat artist asks: We want to know why are you transmitting the Kremls Ceremonie, who is the audience you are trying to show this?

The Chef justifies himself, Why not? This are important Information for Ukraine.

Short accusing of something, related to EU or he being against EU or something, wasn't translated.

Miro: I am the official Chairman of the National Committee for Freespech and Information, and i want to know why are you showing this in the TV?

04:02 Write the Termination of your Employeement, right now!

Chef: No, i will not.

What do you mean you will not write it? You will write the termination, now!

Write the Termination!

Sit down and write it down.

Here a Paper, now write the Termination of your Employement on "on your own request".

Write it now and write you are "moscal" (russian loyal)

Chef: I m the Chef and i am Ukrainian.

Oh, you are ukrainian? You are not Ukrainian! Insults

You are Moscal, you are for moscow!

You are a traitor, you sold us out, you are a liar and that all on the States Money.

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Όλγα Κοβιτίδη - Olga Kovitidi

Όλγα Κοβιτίδη - Olga Kovitidi
The Deputy President of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea, Greek-Ukrainian Olga Kovitidi, is said to have been receiving threats on her life in the past days of turmoil as Russian forces moved into the region in response to the overthrow of President Viktor Yanykovych by protesters. As reported by the morning newscast of Greek TV  Kovitidi said that several other MP’s of the local government of Crimea were also getting death threats after the recent developments taking place all over the region and in Ukraine.  “There were conflicts between Tatars and the Russian-speaking population. I was the only member in the governing party, as it turned out eventually, trapped between the two groups. I said that all residents of the multi-ethnic Crimea should be united. It is fortunate that we didn’t allow any blood to be shed in Crimea. Opposed to Kiev, where there were several victims, we only had two deaths thanks to the timely intervention by the Crimean Parliament,” said Kovitidi, one of the two deputy presidents of Crimea being of Greek origin.  “Once we decided on the referendum, several calls came that threatened us with physical liquidation. Those calls still go on, but we are not afraid. Upon exiting the parliamentary building, they told me that they would execute me either way. Above all, though, we are defending the interests of Crimea. We are not afraid of nationalists or other extremists,” added the Greek-Ukrainian deputy.

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Tα νεα ρεμαλια του Κιεβου στειλαν στις ΗΠΑ τον χρυσό των ΣΚΥΘΙΚΩΝ αρχαιολογικών ευρημάτων ανεκτιμητης αξίας

Tα νεα ρεμαλια του Κιεβου στειλαν στις ΗΠΑ κομματια χρυσών ΣΚΥΘΙΚΩΝ αρχαιολογικών ευρημάτων σαν ενεχειρο για το δανειο που ελπίζουν να πάρουν. Το ύψος τους σε τιμες αγορας αποτιμουνται σε 20 Δισ δολάρια !!

Verkhovna Rada-appointed Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk secretly took Scythian gold to the US. This sensational news was circulated through social networks by Director of Moscow’s Lev Gumilev Centre Pavel Zarifullin.

Zarifullin is convinced that during his recent visit to the US, acting Ukrainian prime minister took along $20bln worth of national cultural values.Referring to sources that he does not reveal, the author writes that these values might become guarantees for an International Monetary Fund’s loan.To check the authenticity of this information, historians are urging the new Ukrainian authorities to draw up an open inventory in Kiev museums’ depots. The Scythian gold is not so much valued as a precious metal as a historical relic.Crimea declares Klitschko, Yatsenyuk and Tyagnybok personae non grata Authorities of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea may declare the leaders of the Maidan revolution in Kiev Vitaly Klitschko, Arseny Yatsenyuk and Oleg Tyagnybok personae non grata as carriers of far-right extremist nationalistic ideology, the speaker of the Crimean legislature, the Supreme Council, said Thursday.
Crimean prosecutors to probe into 'Right Sector' Chief's activities

The Prosecutor's Office of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea has launched a criminal inquiry into the activities of Dmitry Yarosh, the 'Right Sector' radical organization leader, and of Dmitry Korchinsky, the chief of the 'Brotherhood' group, which forms part of the 'Right Sector', according to Saturday's report by the Crimean news agency.

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Anonymous Ukraine is battling the forces in Ukraine that are funded and directed from the West

Οι Αμερικανοί και η παράνομη κυβέρνηση του Κιέβου όπως χαρακτηρίζεται από τη Μόσχα μεθοδεύουν προβοκάτσιες στην Κριμαία και σε άλλες περιοχές της νοτιοανατολικής Ουκρανίας με στόχο να κατηγορηθεί η Ρωσία και να προκληθούν αναταραχές ανάλογες με αυτές του Κιέβου. Ήδη τα επεισόδια στο Ντόνετσκ με τον ένα νεκρό παραπέμπουν σε μία τέτοια κατάσταση. Οι Ρώσοι όμως είναι και αυτοί ενήμεροι. Όπως αποκάλυψαν Ουκρανοί hackers που «έσπασαν» την αλληλογραφία μεταξύ Αμερικανών αξιωματούχων και στελεχών της κυβέρνησης του Κιέβου, οι προβοκάτσιες σχεδιάζονται για την παραμονή του δημοψηφίσματος στην Κριμαία, όπου αναμένεται να αποφασισθεί η απόσχιση της Χερσονήσου και η προσάρτηση της στη Ρωσία.

Η  ομάδα η οποία αυτοαποκαλείται «Ουκρανοί ανώνυμοι» και είναι παράρτημα μια παγκόσμιας οργάνωσης των hackers, «έσπασε», όπως δηλώνει, τα ηλεκτρονικά ταχυδρομεία μερικών αξιωματούχων των ΗΠΑ και της Ουκρανίας, καθώς και των πολιτικών τους φίλων στην Ουκρανία. Την είδηση έχει μετέδωσε και το τηλεοπτικό κανάλι «Ρωσία 24». Αίσθηση προκαλεί η επιστολή του βοηθού στρατιωτικού ακολούθου των ΗΠΑ στην Ουκρανία Τζέισον Τρες στον Ουκρανό συνάδελφό του στο γενικό αρχηγείο του υπουργείου Αμύνης Ίγκορ Πρότσικ. Ο Αμερικανός επιτακτικά συμβουλεύει την παραμονή του δημοψηφίσματος στην Κριμαία οι ίδιοι οι Ουκρανοί, προσποιούμενοι Ρώσοι, να επιτεθούν στο ουκρανικό αεροδρόμιο της Μελιτόπολης.

Ιδού το απόσπασμα από την επιστολή αυτή: «Ίγκορ, τα γεγονότα στην Κριμαία εξελίσσονται πολύ γρήγορα. Ο φίλοι μας στη Ουάσιγκτον περιμένουν από το δίκτυό σας πιο δραστικές ενέργειες. Ήρθε η ώρα να πραγματοποιήσουμε το σχέδιο το οποίο έχουμε συζητήσει τις προάλλες. Ο στόχος σας: να διασφαλίσετε κωλύματα στους μεταφορικούς κόμβους της νοτιοανατολικής Ουκρανίας για να κατηγορήσετε για το λόγο αυτό τους γείτονές σας (τους Ρώσους). Η δράση αυτή θα δημιουργήσει ευνοϊκές συνθήκες για ενέργειες του πεντάγωνου και της εταιρίας. Μην χάνετε χρόνο, φίλε μου». Την επιστολή υπογράφει ο «Τζέισον Τρες, αντισυνταγματάρχης του στρατού των ΗΠΑ, βοηθός του στρατιωτικού ακολούθου. Πρεσβεία των ΗΠΑ, Κίεβο». Ο Τζέισον Τρες εργαζόταν στην πρεσβεία των ΗΠΑ ακόμα στο Τατζικιστάν. Έπειτα την καριέρα του ο αξιωματούχος συνέχισε στην πρεσβεία των ΗΠΑ στο Κίεβο.

Ο δε συνομιλιτής του Ίγκορ Πρότσικ έχει σελίδα σε ένα από τα προγράμματα αμερικανικής κοινωνικής δικτύωσης και κατάρτισης. Η τελευταία θέση του ήταν στις Βρυξέλλες, στο ΝΑΤΟ. Σύμφωνα με τις πληροφορίες από το «σπασμένο» ηλεκτρονικό γραμματοκιβώτιο, ο Πρότσικ με τη σειρά του αλληλογραφούσε με κάποιον Βασίλι Λαμπαϊτσούκ. Είναι αρκετά γνωστός σε στενούς κύκλους Ουκρανός εθνικιστής, ηγέτης του τμήματος της Τερνόπολης της πασίγνωστης «Δεξιάς παράταξης». Με τη σειρά του ο Λαμπαϊτσούκ γράφει σε κάποιον Ολέγξ Κολιάρνι: «Ολέγκ, πρέπει επειγόντως να κάνουμε φασαρίες εξ ονόματος των «Μοσχοβίτων» (των Ρώσων) στο αεροδρόμιο της Μελιτόπολης. Πρέπει να το κάνουμε μέχρι τις 15 Μαρτίου. Ο ίδιος καταλαβαίνει το γιατί. Πρώτα από όλα, πρέπει να επικοινωνήσεις με τον Πάσα Ταρασένκο. Πρέπει να τον γνωρίζεις, είναι από την τοπική «Ελευθερία», κατέχει το θέμα. Σε σένα θα έρθουν 10-12 παιδιά από το Κέντρο. Είναι οι καλύτεροι μαχητές του «Τριζούμπ». Ο επικεφαλής εκεί είναι ο Μίσσα, πρέπει να γνωρίζεις επίσης.

Θα μάθεις από αυτόν τις λεπτομέρειες. Πρέπει να υποδεχτείς τους ανθρώπους και να τους εξασφαλίσεις όλα τα απαραίτητα. Να λειτουργείτε προσεκτικά. Να μιλάτε μόνο τα ρωσικά. Η 25η ταξιαρχία τώρα εκτελεί μαχητικές υποθέσεις, γι’ αυτό μην επιφέρετε μεγάλη ζημιά στα αεροπλάνα. Είναι πολλά άχρηστα εκεί, μπορείτε να τα κάνετε ό, τι θέλετε. Τα κατεστραμμένα αεροπλάνα θα σας δείξουν. Χρειάζεται να φαίνονται όλα σαν μια αληθινή επίθεση των γειτονικών (ρωσικών) ειδικών δυνάμεων».Πολλά μέσα μαζικής ενημέρωσης ήδη έχουν στείλει τις επιστολές στις ηλεκτρονικές διευθύνσεις των Αμερικανών και Ουκρανών αξιωματούχων που ανέφεραν οι hackers. Απάντηση ήταν η σιωπή. Και όπως φαίνεται, ο server δεν επιστρέφει την επιστολή. Οι ηλεκτρονικές διευθύνσεις αυτές είναι πραγματικές, όπως και όλη η αλληλογραφία.

Για προβοκάτσια από τη «Δεξιά Παράταξη» παραμονές του δημοψηφίσματος στην Κριμαία έχει μιλήσει και ο επικεφαλής της κυβέρνησης Σεργκέι Αξιόνοφ, λέγοντας πώς κάτι τέτοιο θα το επιχειρήσουν Ουκρανοί με τις στολές Ρώσων στρατιωτών.

E-Mail 1
From: Jason P. Gresh GreshJP@state.gov
To: Igor Protsuyuk igor.protsyk@gmail.com, ivprotsyk@mil.gov.ua
Subj: Peninsula
Date: Sun, 9 March 2014 17:57:09 +0200
Events are moving fast in the Crimea. Our friends in Washington expect more decisive action from your network.
This comments underlines the desperation and the rush that the US has in cementing their overthrow of Ukraine. They can not risk that there will democratic elections and a legitimate government which will so no to NATO, the EU, the IMF and the US.
I think it's time to implement the plan we discussed lately. Your job is to cause some problems to the transport hubs in the south-east in order to frame-up the neighbor.
The neighbor in this case means the Russian Federation. One note, for a military attaché Mr. Gresh’s English is not that good but he could be talking down to his hirelings.
It will create favorable conditions for Pentagon and the Company to act.
Of course the phrase "the Company" means the Central Intelligence Agency.
Do not waste time, my friend.
Jason P. Gresh
Lieutenant Colonel, U.S. Army
Assistant Army Attaché
U.S. Embassy, Kyiv
Tankova 4, Kyiv, Ukraine 04112
(380-44) 521 - 5444 | Fax: (380-44) 521 - 5636 

 E-Mail 2
From: Igor Protsuyuk igor.protsyk@gmail.com,
To: Basil Labaichuk krivonis.te@gmail.com
Subj: Get active in Melitopol
Date: Tue, 11 Mar 2014 5:50:35 -0700
You must launch actions in Melitopole very quickly . The 25th Air Transport Brigade is located there.
We need to mess with (pull in, provoke) our sworn friends and our good neighbors . I think you understand me .
This phrase is interesting in the use of the term “sworn friends” which may mean their terrorist allies, the other parts of their Trident or Yatsenyuk and Klitcschko themselves.
You must proceed carefully and cautiously.
The 25th Air Brigade is currently on combat missions, so make sure no great harm comes to the planes .
There are already damaged aircraft at the location, with those you can do whatever you want. I will send you there registration numbers.
Remember, it is necessary to make everything look like it was a real attack by Russian Special Forces .
The Brigade Commander there is an intelligent man.
He will not know the details but in an extreme case you can turn to him. We will warn him.
Colonel Igor Protsyk
Chief of Staff, Bilateral Military Cooperation Division, Main Directorate for Military Cooperation and PKO
General Staff, Armed Forces of Ukraine
tel +38044 481-5407 cell +38067 407 97 40
e-mail: i.v.protsyk@mil.gov.ua e-mail: protsyk@ukr.net

 E-Mail 3
From: Basil Labaichuk krivonis.te@gmail.com
To: Oleg Kolyarny kolyarny@gmail.com
CC: igor.protsyk@gmail.com
Subj: Urgent need to make some noise
Date: Tue, 11 Mar 2014 9:20:46 -0700
Oleg, there is an urgent need to make noise attributed to Muscovites (epithet) at the Melitopole air base. This must be done before March 15. You already understand why.
First of all you need to contact Paschke (Pavel) Tarasenko . You must know him, he's from local Svoboda Party and is in on the plan.
10-12 guys will be arriving there from the Center.
They are the best fighters of the Trident. Misha (Mihail) is in charge, you should know him too. He will fill you in on the details. You must meet these people and ensure that they have everything they need.
Proceed with caution. Speak only in Russian.
The 25th Air Brigade is currently engaged in combat missions, so do not do a lot of damage to the aircraft.
There are plenty of scrap (damaged) aircraft there and you can do whatever you like with them. You will be told which damaged aircraft you can attack.
It is vital that everything looks like as real attack by our neighbor’s (Russian) commandos. But without bodies.
Give me your account details again. The money will come on time, do not worry .
See the attached file. It is just a proposal. Decide yourself what to do
Read more: http://voiceofrussia.com/2014_03_14/Operation-Independence-Continues-Anonymous-exposes-US-invasion-plans-in-Ukraine-7517/

Επίσης αλληλογραφία του ηγέτης της "επανάστασης" Βιταλη Κλιτσενκο >>

Anonymous Ukraine is battling the forces in Ukraine that are funded and directed from the West and attempting to overthrow the democratically elected government of the sovereign country of Ukraine. 

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Fascists of the Right sector / UNA-UNSO trained in Esthonian camp by NATO officers, summer 2006

Fascists of the Right sector / UNA-UNSO trained in Esthonian camp by NATO officers, summer 2006
Στρατόπεδο εκπαίδευσης του right sector (UNA-UNSO) από το ΝΑΤΟ στην Εσθονία , το καλοκαίρι του 2006. Aυτοί σήμερα είναι στην κυβέρνηση της Ουκρανίας

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Too late for tears, the Looting Of Ukraine Has Begun with a 50% Reduction on Pensions.!!

The Looting Of Ukraine Has Begun! Starting with a 50% Reduction on Pensions
Posted on March 7, 2014
The Looting Of Ukraine Has Begun – Paul Craig Roberts

Naive protesters who believed that EU membership offered a better life are due to lose half of their pension by April.   But this is only the beginning…

The recently installed Kiev government has prepared an economic austerity plan that will cut Ukrainian pensions from $160 to $80 so that Western bankers who lent money to Ukraine can be repaid at the expense of Ukraine’s poor.  According to a report in Kommersant-Ukraine, the finance ministry of Kiev. It is Greece all over again.
11 billion euros is being offered by the EU as aid, this is not aid. It is a loan. Moreover, it comes with many strings, including Kiev’s acceptance of an IMF austerity plan.

Ukrainians participated in the protests that were used to overthrow their elected government, because they believed the lies told to them by Washington-financed NGOs that once they joined the EU they would have streets paved with gold. Instead they are getting cuts in their pensions and an IMF austerity plan.  The austerity plan will cut social services, funds for education, layoff government workers, devalue the currency, thus raising the prices of imports which include Russian gas, thus electricity, and open Ukrainian assets to takeover by Western corporations.

UN Appoints Sarah Palin to Mediate Ukraine Crisis !!

The United Nations has appointed Sarah Palin as a special envoy to Ukraine, hoping she can help mediate a solution to the growing geopolitical crisis in that country.!!

.According to sources close to the situation, Palin and a team of international crisis experts will fly to Kiev tonight to meet with Ukrainian officials before moving on to Moscow to negotiate a final settlement with Russia’s President Vladimir Putin over the fate of the disputed Crimea region.The surprising selection comes just days after Palin boasted on Facebook that she had accurately predicted Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in a 2008 speech.In an exclusive interview, U.N. President Ban Ki-Moon said he chose Palin because of her impressive first-hand knowledge of the region and hopes she can facilitate a dialogue that avoids war.

“When all the experts said Putin would never invade Ukraine, only Sarah Palin had the courage to challenge conventional wisdom,” he explains. “Clearly this woman is some sort of a genius or something. We can’t let her skills go unused.“This is a very unusual crisis, and we need to think outside the box. One of my advisers suggested this solution, and I felt it was a risk worth taking. Let’s throw Palin into the mix and see what she can do.”

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Perevalnoye, Crimea - Ουκρανοί αιχμάλωτοι κάτω από καθεστώς τρομοκρατίας ,κακομεταχειριζονται..

Perevalnoye, Crimea 
Ουκρανοί αιχμάλωτοι κάτω από καθεστώς τρομοκρατίας , κακομεταχειρίζονται..
από τους Ρώσους που τους συνέλαβαν
Ukranian prisoners "of war" in Crimea base of Perevalnoye


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the Gladio, the UNA and the Ukranian .. "winter"

In a leaked audio recording of a telephone call between Estonia’s Foreign Minister Urmas Paet and EU foreign affairs boss Catherine Ashton, Paet told his counterpart leaders of the Euromaidan movement that would ultimately overthrow the government of Viktor Yanukovych were likely behind sniper killing last month. The revelation was recorded an uploaded to the web by officers of Security Service of Ukraine loyal to Yanukovych who hacked the phone conversation, RT reports today.  There is now stronger and stronger understanding that behind the snipers, it was not Yanukovych, but it was somebody from the new coalition,” Paet said. “I think we do want to investigate,” Ashton said.
The EU has not announced an investigation and the media in the West is not reporting the story. Paet said the coup government in Kyiv has so far not expressed an interest in investigating the allegation that snipers targeted both protesters and police. The Estonian Foreign Minister said the people of Ukraine do not trust the newly installed Euromaidan leaders. He also said opposition politicians set to govern the country have a “dirty past.”

On Monday, researcher and journalist F. William Engdahl said a “secretive neo-nazi military organization reported linked to NATO played a decisive role in targeted sniper attacks and violence that led to the collapse of the elected government.”
“The question unanswered until now is who deployed the snipers? According to veteran US intelligence sources, the snipers came from an ultra-right-wing military organization known as Ukrainian National Assembly – Ukrainian People’s Self-Defense (UNA-UNSO),” Engdahl writes.  Intelligence sources quoted by Engdahl say UNA-UNSO “is part of a secret NATO ‘Gladio’ organization, and not a Ukraine nationalist group as portrayed in western media.” UNA-UNSO members are NATO mercenaries fighting “dirty wars” in Lithuania, Abkhazia, Khazar, Chechnya, and Kosovo. They were behind the Soviet coup d’etat in the summer 1991. “These people are the dangerous mercenaries used all over the world to fight NATO’s dirty war, and to frame Russia because this group pretends to be Russian special forces. 
THESE ARE THE BAD GUYS, forget about the window dressing nationalists, these are the men behind the sniper rifles,” Engdahl’s sources insist.
In 1991 Italian Prime Minister Giulio Andreotti revealed the existence of a NATO “stay behind army” organized at the conclusion of the Second World War. Dubbed “Gladio,” the Italian word for sword, the secret terrorist organization, maintained by the CIA and MI6, killed hundreds of innocent civilians as a fear tactic designed “to force… the public to turn to the state to ask for greater security,” said Italian neo-fascist activist Vincenzo Vinciguerra.
“Originally set up as a network of clandestine cells to be activated behind the lines in the event of a Soviet invasion of Western Europe, Gladio quickly expanded into a tool for political repression and manipulation, directed by NATO and Washington,” writes Chris Floyd. “Using right-wing militias, underworld figures, government provocateurs and secret military units, Gladio not only carried out widespread terrorism, assassinations and electoral subversion in democratic states such as Italy, France and West Germany, but also bolstered fascist tyrannies in Spain and Portugal, abetted the military coup in Greece and aided Turkey’s repression of the Kurds.”
Evidence has accumulated demonstrating the Euromaidan movement was artificially created by the architects of color revolution – the State Department, USAID, and the Soros NGOs – and this movement, consisting in large part of sincere yet duped Ukrainians attempting to effectuate political change, was cynically used to install a preferred minion in power, namely Arseniy “Yats” Yatsenyuk, a central banker. Yats is, as the Nuland-Pyatt conversation revealed, the preferred choice of the State Department and, thus, the financial elite. The Gladio element was introduced when the Euromaidan movement stalled and the coup seemed to be in danger of losing momentum. Past color revolutions have relied on lower levels of violence and, to a large degree, non-violence, but as the so-called Lotus Revolution in Egypt revealed (as did other elements of the Arab Spring), violence is a key and often preferred component of the order of chaos strategy. The so-called Arab Spring, as well as the Maidan coup in Ukraine, have not brought democracy, as claimed, but disorder, ethic and religious strife, and widespread violence and mass murder. In Ukraine, the prospect is not merely a radical nationalist regime taking power and further polarizing social and political life in that country, but also the ominous possibility of a dangerous and potentially thermonuclear conflict between the United States and Russia.
Strange Ukraine ‘Nationalists’
IMAGE: Members of UNA-UNSO marching in Lviv
The leader of UNA-UNSO, Andriy Shkil, ten years ago became an adviser to Julia Tymoshenko. UNA-UNSO, during the US-instigated 2003-2004 “Orange Revolution”, backed pro-NATO candidate Viktor Yushchenko against his pro-Russian opponent, Yanukovich. UNA-UNSO members provided security for the supporters of Yushchenko and Julia Tymoshenko on Independence Square in Kiev in 2003-4.  UNA-UNSO is also reported to have close ties to the German National Democratic Party (NDP).
Ever since the dissolution of the Soviet Union in 1991 the crack-para-military UNA-UNSO members have been behind every revolt against Russian influence. The one connecting thread in their violent campaigns is always anti-Russia. The organization, according to veteran US intelligence sources, is part of a secret NATO “GLADIO” organization, and not a Ukraine nationalist group as portrayed in western media.
According to these sources, UNA-UNSO have been involved (confirmed officially) in the Lithuanian events in the Winter of 1991, the Soviet Coup d’etat in Summer 1991, the war for the Pridnister Republic 1992, the anti-Moscow Abkhazia War 1993, the Chechen War, the US-organized Kosovo Campaign Against the Serbs, and the August 8 2008 war in Georgia
According to these reports, UNA-UNSO para-military have been involved in every NATO dirty war in the post-cold war period, always fighting on behalf of NATO. “These people are the dangerous mercenaries used all over the world to fight NATO’s dirty war, and to frame Russia because this group pretends to be Russian special forces. THESE ARE THE BAD GUYS, forget about the window dressing nationalists, these are the men behind the sniper rifles,” these sources insist. 
If true that UNA-UNSO is not “Ukrainian” opposition, but rather a highly secret NATO force using Ukraine as base, it would suggest that the EU peace compromise with the moderates was likely sabotaged by the one major player excluded from the Kiev 21 February diplomatic talks— the Victoria Nuland’s State Department. Both Nuland and right-wing Republican US Senator John McCain have had contact with the leader of the Ukrainian opposition Svoboda Party, whose leader is openly anti-semitic and defends the deeds of a World War II Ukrainian SS-Galicia Division head.[9] The party was registered in 1995, initially calling itself the “Social National Party of Ukraine” and using a swastika style logo. Svoboda is the electoral front for neo-nazi organizations in Ukraine such as UNA-UNSO

H χουντα του ΚΙΕΒΟΥ τρομοκρατει συνδικαλιστες στο ΛΟΥΓΚΑΝΣΚ

 Βασανιστήρια και τρομοκρατία απο το νεο καθεστώς του Κιέβου σε ηγετικό συνδικαλιστικό στέλεχος του Λουγκανσκ

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the raw truth about Ukraine - η ωμή αλήθεια για την Ουκρανία

Ukraine's gold reserves transferred to USA

Two days ago a plane took off from Borispol, Ukraine to an unidentified location in the United States, with all of the Ukraine's gold reserves on board. It's reported on even by Ukrainian pro-Maidan news sites: http://ura-inform.com/ru/society/2014/03/07/iz-aeroporta-borispol-etoj-nochju-vyletel-tainstvennyj-samolet.  

Airport employees first broke the story and an ex-employee of the finance ministry backed it up. Still, could turn out to be false

find the differences..

Ukrainian border guards Diamond DA42 patrol aircraft spying Russian positions in northern Crimea

Ukrainian border guards Diamond DA42 patrol aircraft spying Russian positions in northern Crimea(close to the border), could be  the same plane that came under fire yesterday.


the Diamond DA42 patrol aircraft 
Ukranian Thugs ready for troubles?
Moving heavy artilery to the East ..


Η BLACK WATERS έκανε την εμφάνιση της στο ΝΤΟΝΕΤΣΚ

Черные Воды в Донецке
Η BLACK WATERS έκανε την εμφάνιση της στο ΝΤΟΝΕTΣΚ


Similar looking troops were already in Donetsk a week ago, they evacuated the Pro-Ukraine local government when the Pro-Russia demonstrations were on their fullest

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LIERS !!,, We have invested more than 5 billion dollars to help Ukraine to achieve these and other goals. ” Nuland said the United


Victoria Nuland - Assistant Secretary of State for Europe and Eurasian Affairs 
US Assistant Secretary of State for Europe, Nuland said: “Since the declaration of Ukrainian independence in 1991, the United States supported the Ukrainians in the development of democratic institutions and skills in promoting civil society and a good form of government - all that is necessary to achieve the objectives of Ukraine’s European. We have invested more than 5 billion dollars to help Ukraine to achieve these and other goals. ” Nuland said the United States will continue to “promote Ukraine to the future it deserves.”

Offshore hydrocarbon fields/blocks in Crimea , Skifska field, Foroska field , Prykerchinska field and Tavryska field.

Offshore hydrocarbon fields/blocks in Crimea , Skifska field, Foroska field , Prykerchinska field and Tavryska field.

Ex Ukrainian Prime Minister (Sergei Pashinsky) Under Timoshenko Caught With Sniper Rifle and Silence leaving Independence Square (Maidan) after massacre of protesters

Shocking video of Sergei Pashinsky Caught with Sniper Rifle and Silencer
Ex Ukrainian Prime Minister (Sergei Pashinsky) Under Timoshenko Caught With Sniper Rifle and Silence  leaving Independence Square (Maidan) after massacre of protesters

Πρώην πρωθυπουργός της Τιμοσενγκο o Sergei Pashinsky (αυτός με το μαλινο σκουφακι) ενω τα  μαζευει για να φυγει από την πλατεια Maidan του Κιεβου, με όπλο ελεύθερου σκοπευτή , ΜΕ ΣΙΓΑΣΤΗΡΑ!!


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Arseniy Yatsenyuk, whitewashing Ukraine's Nazi collaborators

Arseniy Yatsenyuk is whitewashing Ukraine's Nazi collaborators,  Russia says in UN

 Ukrainian representative to UN publicly justifies nationalists
UNITED NATIONS, March 04. /ITAR-TASS/. Ukraine's Ambassador to the United Nations Yuriy Sergeyev on Monday has publicly justified Ukrainian nationalists, saying the charges brought by the Soviet Union against them at the Nuremberg trial were fabricated.
"The Russian-Soviet side at the time tried to press the Western allies to declare Bandera movement members and others murderers. The Nuremberg trial did not declare it. Why? Because the facts were falsified and the Soviet Union's position at the time was unjust," the diplomat told reporters.

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The Autonomous Republic of Crimea

The Autonomous Republic of Crimea 
Territory: 26.100 sq. km, . Extent: from the west to the east - 360 km, from the north to the south – 180 km.
Borders with:  Kherson oblast (Ukraine)
neighboring regions: Zaporozhye oblast, Krasnodar krai of the Russian Federation.

Eκτός από την στρατηγική θέση που ελέγχει την Μαύρη Θάλασα, το Λιμάνι της Σεβαστούπολης και τις στρατιωτικές υποδομές που παραδόθηκαν στην νέα Κυβέρνηση η Κριμαία διαθέτει:
  1. ΑΟΖ  με μεγάλες ποσότητες φυσικού αερίου σε αβαθή νερά (20μ)
  2. Ανεπτυγμένη βιομηχανική παραγωγή, χημική βιομηχανία, παραγωγή ενέργειας και Ναυπηγία
  3. Ανεπτυγμένη αγροτικη παραγωγή , και κτηνοτροφία
  4. Τουριστικές εγκαταστάσεις και περιοχές ιαματικου τουρισμου
  5. Το σημαντικότερο: λόγω των αβαθών νερών που περιβάλεται προσφέρει οικονομικη διέλευση του αγωγου South Stream , σαν εναλλακτική όδευση !
Για τους παραπάνω λόγους η ΕΕ ρίχνει μαύρο κλάμα > εδώ 
The most southern point is Sarych Cape; the most western point is Priboiyniy Cape; the most eastern point is Fonar Cape.Th e most important sea ports are Yevpatoria, Yalta, Feodosia and Kerch.