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Hundreds if not thousents Marching to Tahrir Square, Cairo today

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Jan 30, 2011 19:35 Moscow Time
The Cypriot President Dimitris Christofias. Photo: EPA

Cyprus has joined Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Ecuador, Peru and Paraguay in announcing readiness to recognize a sovereign Palestinian state within the borderlines before the 1967 Six-Day War and with a seat in East Jerusalem.  The announcement is in a letter from the Cypriot President Dimitris Christofias.

Hillary Clinton on Mubarak .. 30th January 2011

She finishes Mubarak politly ...

Fall of Saudi Arabia to End Dollar Reserve System?

Fall of Saudi Arabia to End Dollar Reserve System?
Friday, January 28, 2011 – http://www.thedailybell.com
There is a social media revolution in Saudi Arabia ... Ten million Saudis are online, 3 million belong to Facebook, and Twitter feeds are up more than 400 percent. Recently, many tweets and posts have been focused on the uprising in Tunisia. In fact, Saudi's social media activists spread videos and news updates at the peak of the street protests — and the interest has stayed high ever since. And, now, Saudi bloggers have added the unrest in Cairo to the topics receiving much attention. Will the Saudi government clamp down on this free-wheeling speech after Tunisia's social media movement helped to bring down a government? It's one of the big questions ahead for Saudi Arabia. How this authoritarian regime will live with the freedom and chaos that the Internet represents. ... The Internet poses a challenge for this conservative, mostly religious society. – National Public Radio
Dominant Social Theme: The Jasmine revolution spread unexpectedly.
Free-Market Analysis: The civil unrest in Egypt is growing fiercer. Electronic communications have been shut down throughout Egypt and massive demonstrations have been planned for today. A changing of the guard in Egypt would be a massive political shift indeed, but what if the disturbances don't stop there? What if they ultimately spread to Saudi Arabia and end up bringing down the dollar reserve system?

Mubarak fall risks Israel gas supply
Sun Jan 30, 2011 9:47AM
Israel electric company's power plants and other privately owned facilities are prepared for gas shortages as speculations raise over a regime change in Egypt.
Speculations about a possible regime change in Egypt have extremely concerned Israel over its gas supplies which could be halted in case of a revolution in the North African country.
According to an article published by Israeli daily newspaper Yediot Achronot, an Islamic revolution in Egypt will create an economic mayhem in Israel. The article says the recent uprising in Egypt has not yet affected the gas supplies to Israel and a new secular regime is also not expected to harm gas imports. But in case of an Islamic revolution which would lead to the halt of gas supplies, the reservoir gas in Israel will last only until 2012. Israel has been preparing for gas shortages, as the protests continue in Egypt to target President Hosni Mubarak's 30-year rule. The Egyptian-Israeli gas line passes through northern Sinai, where mass protests are taking place against Mubarak. Egypt supplies around 40% of Israel's gas consumption. 
If gas supplies stop, the Israeli market will have to function without natural gas for nearly a year until the Tamar drilling begins in 2014. Israel plans to drill for gas in the Tamar gas field, which was discovered in the Mediterranean Sea in 2009. The gas field, however, is a source of dispute between Israel and Lebanon as Beirut says the field is extended into its territory. 

Αίγυπτος αυτή την νύχτα..Thousands of prisoners have escaped from the Wadi Natrun facility

Thousands of prisoners have escaped from the Wadi Natrun facility in north of the Egyptian capital, Cairo, amid the anti-government protests across the country.

Inmates overwhelmed guards during the night, breaking out of the facility and spilling out into nearby towns and villages, AFP reported. The facility is said to be holding most political prisoners in the North African country. The report comes as the uprising against Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak's government entered its sixth day. On Sunday, some 5,000 Egyptian prisoners also broke out of a penitentiary in Faiyum Governorate, located about 130 kilometers (81 miles) southwest of Cairo. A top official holding the rank of general was killed in the early Sunday incident. There are also reports that angry crowds kidnapped another senior defense official who also holds the rank of general. Meanwhile, thousands of people across the world have taken to the streets to express support for the anti-government demonstrations in Egypt. 

republishing old post on Egypt.

I republish some older posts on Egypt.. so it seems that the events this week was not out of the blue.. >>

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Cairo 29th Jan 2011

US made

Thousands march in anti-Abbas protests in Gaza

28 Jan 2011 - Jerusalem
Mahmoud Abbas & PA stonewalled the Goldstone vote
Thousands march in anti-Abbas protests in Gaza

Thousands of cheering Hamas supporters in Gaza burned effigies of President Mahmoud Abbas and his aides Wednesday, as Al-Jazeera TV alleged that leaked documents show the Palestinian leader colluded with Israel and the U.S. against Gaza.The protests came in response to reports by the Arab satellite station about documents from a decade of Israeli-Palestinian negotiations. Al-Jazeera, which has been releasing the documents gradually this week, says they also show Abbas made far-reaching concessions on Jerusalem and the fate of Palestinian refugees.

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Al Jazeera English: Live Stream

Al Jazeera English: Live Stream
O στρατός δεν υπακούει, ο κόσμος έχει καβαλήσει τα τεθωρακισμένα ...

Here comes Jordan.. Jordanians protest government policies

Thousands of Jordanians have marched against the government's political and economic policies, demanding the prime minister's resignation.

The demonstrations, which were held following the Friday prayers in the capital Amman and other major cities, were organized by the country's main political opposition group, the Islamist Muslim Brotherhood. It was the third consecutive Friday of protests in Jordan. The demonstrators denounced Prime Minister Samir Rifai's economic policies, saying reforms introduced by him, which led to cuts in subsidies for basic commodities, have caused the soaring food and fuel prices, unemployment and poverty. "Rifai go away, prices are on fire and so are the Jordanians,” protesters chanted. Protesters have also demanded that the prime minister be democratically elected rather than appointed by the King  !!!. 

Πολιτικές "επενδύσεις" - Κurtlar Vadisi , Filistin ..

Internet , Twitter And Facebook Are blocked in Egypt ..

[...το δίκτυο εξακολουθεί να λειτουργεί στην Αίγυπτο, μέσω μιας Υπηρεσίας Επικοινωνίας, προσωρινή internet αυτή τη γραμμή που χρησιμοποιείτε την Daily News, αυτοί είναι οι αριθμοί 0777 7770 ή 0777 7000. Εάν μπορείτε να επικοινωνήσετε με τους ανθρώπους μέσω των κινητών τηλεφώνων ή επίγειων γραμμών Παρακαλούμε στοιχεία για την κυκλοφορία και τις πληροφορίες....] ?

For information contact please ..  0777 7770 or   0777 7000. or email 
25egyptian@gmail.com    http://www.facebook.com/25Egypt

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Will Mohamed ElBaradei be the next president of Egypt ?

Will Mohamed ElBaradei the next president of Egypt ? 
- Was the wikileaks  leaks on Midle East programmed and with a purpose ?
- Does the new US administration, wants to get rid of the old dictators in Middle East , including Mahmoud Abbas? (showing to Israel who is the boss)
- Does the realease yesterday of the PA documents (that nail Abbas)  from Al Jazirra was just a coincidence ?
Mohamed ElBaradei  just arrived in Cairo airport today...

It is almost a year ago that the Time magazine published an article " Will ElBaradei Run for President of Egypt?" .. an a year after .. there he comes to "lead the revolution" ! in the streets (and minimise the support to the Muslim brotherwood") .

[ ..Egyptian activists, most of them young, were out in force in the midday sun on Friday, Feb. 19, 2010 with their flags and posters raised high, their chants rippling across the pavement at the arrival terminal of Cairo International Airport. They had come out in a startling show of support for a candidate who has yet to declare his candidacy for the presidency of Egypt... 
κατ' αρχάς πρέπει να θεωρηθεί δεδομένο ότι ο Μουμπάρακ κάηκε ...
επίσης αξιοσημείωτο είναι ότι και συνεταίρος του ο Mahmoud Abbas ψάχνει τρύπα να κρυφτεί μετά τις αποκαλύψεις του Al Jazirra.
H βασιλεία στην Ιορδανία δεν πάει καλύτερα και το "φιλοδυτικό " καθεστώς της Υεμένης αντιμετωπίζει ήδη διαδηλώσεις.
O βασιλιάς Abdullah στην Σ Αραβία καρφώθηκε ανεπανόρθωτα στα μάτια των Αράβων όταν ανακαλύφθηκε ότι παρακαλούσε τις ΗΠΑ να επιτεθούν στο ΙΡΑΝ ......

Riot police encircle the Law School in Athens in apparent preparation for a raid as migrant hunger strikers vow to stay – constant updates

Watch live video from Μενάκιος Πολί on Justin.tv
Riot police encircle the Law School in Athens in apparent preparation for a raid as migrant hunger strikers vow to stay – constant updatesAt this moment (17.45 GMT+2) heavy riot police forces have encircled the Law School building in Athens, immediately after the decision by the 300 migrants in hunger strike to stay in the building. The migrants’ assembly decided they would stay despite the demand by university authorities and the government that they move out.

Anti-government rallies hit Yemen ...

Anti-government rallies hit Yemen
Tens of thousands of people, inspired by events in Tunisia, protest in Sanaa to demand President Saleh's resignation.

Tens of thousands of people in Yemen have taken to the streets in the country's capital, calling for an end to the government of Ali Abdullah Saleh, the president. Inspired by recent events in Tunisia and Egypt, opposition members and youth activists are rallying at four different locations in Sanaa on Thursday, chanting for Saleh, who has been in power for 32 years, to step down.
"Enough being in power for [over] 30 years," protesters shouted during the demonstrations.
They also referred to the ouster of Tunisian president Zine El Abidine Ben Ali, saying he was "gone in just [over] 20 years". "No to extending [presidential tenure]. No to bequeathing [the presidency]," they chanted.

Mahmoud Abbas the PLO,.. along with Mubarak .. the best supporters of Israel ..

Mahmoud Abbas & PA stonewalled the Goldstone vote

 >>the Palestine Papers<<  

PA, with US encouragement, delayed a UN vote on the Goldstone Report into war crimes committed during Israel's Gaza war !!

[...Abu Mazen agreed to postpone the vote because the Israelis threatened to release the “tapes” showing him coordinating the attack on Gaza with Israel ....>>]
[..The Palestinian Authority (PA) has shown operational willingness to co-operate with Israel to kill its own people..]
Chapter 1
On October 2, 2009, the UN Human Rights Council was widely expected to pass a resolution supporting the Goldstone Report, the UN’s probe of war crimes committed during Israel’s war in Gaza in December 2008 and January 2009. The Council instead agreed to delay a vote on the report until March 2010, following major reservations expressed by the Palestinian Authority, the United States and Israel. A UNHRC endorsement of the report would have brought Israeli officials one step closer to prosecution before a war crimes tribunal, an event many Palestinians were anxious to see. But, as The Palestine Papers reveal, the Palestinian Authority apparently sacrificed a potential victory for Palestinian victims in exchange for favorable assurances on negotiations from the United States and, they hoped, from Israel. 
Quid pro quo ...The Goldstone Report, formally known as the Report of the United Nations Fact Finding Mission on the Gaza Conflict, was released in mid-September 2009 amid calls for a review of Israel’s wartime practices. The probe was led by Richard Goldstone, a former South African judge; it identified war crimes committed overwhelmingly by Israeli forces, but also by Hamas, during Israel’s war on Gaza. Both the United States and Israel were outspoken in their criticism of the report, claiming that any UN endorsement would endanger the peace process and future Palestinian-Israeli negotiations. 
Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas has already admitted that the PA asked for the postponement;!!  he said at the time it was to secure more international support before the vote.   "Since we felt we would not be able to gather enough support we asked for the postponement," Abbas said in October 2009. "We wanted to reach mechanisms that would ensure the implementation of the decision and punish the perpetrators of crimes against our people.”  

What The Palestine Papers demonstrate is that, in the weeks preceding the vote, the United States apparently urged the PA to stall the report as a means of restarting negotiations with Israel.  
At a September 24, 2009 meeting between Saeb Erekat (PLO), George Mitchell and David Hale, the latter informed Erekat that “Our intention is to move quickly to relaunch negotiations. We are wrapping up an agreement on a package with Israel, and including other parties.” . 

Erekat resisted, saying “I simply cannot afford to go into a process that is bound to fail. I am trying to defend my existence and way of life.” Mitchell informs Erekat that President Barack Obama’s “attitude was consistent: we need to proceed to negotiations; delay will not be beneficial to anyone.”

Απόσπασμα από το δοκίμιο του Όσκαρ Ουάιλντ ....

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Gamal Mubarak left from Egypt to safety.? o γιός Mubarak εγκατέλειψε την Αίγυπτο.. ..

Gamal Mubarak left from Egypt to safety ? 

According to some (not confirmed)  information Gamal Mubarak the son of Hosni Mubarak , left from Egypt  (probably to London.. )
Ο γιος του προέδρου Μουμπάρακ ο Τζαμαλ, λέγεται ότι εγκατέλειψε την Αίγυπτο , κατευθυνόμενος μάλλον προς Λονδίνο...
εν τω μεταξύ..
έξω από τον Δικηγορικό σύλλογο αυτή την στιγμή (8:30 μμ) διαδηλώνουν πάνω από 500 άτομα παρα τον αστυνομικό κλοιό και τα δακρυγόνα . Οι συγκρούσεις με την αστυνομία συνεχίζουν 

Τhe wealth of Mubarak ... "threasury bond , Barklays Bank" ..

Barklays Bank
Threasury Bond - N 298709FC702
Name: Mr Hosni Mubarak
Deposit Code: NT98741N.C.
Ammount : 7.450.000.000 $
from ..>>  http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=42673&id=183109598386912
(η αυθεντικότητα του παραπάνω εγγράφου δεν είναι διασταυρωμένη ούτε ελεγμένη..) 

Down with Mubarak...


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"Mubarak, get out"

"Mubarak, get out"

A protestor holding a placard in French reading "Mubarak, get out", is surrounded by riot police during a demonstration in downtown Cairo, Egypt, January 25, 2011

The ghost of Tunisia is  hovering over the Maghreb and M. East. The dictators of the region fear that comes their turn and make plans   
Το φάντασμα της Τυνησίας πλανάται πάνω από το Μαγκρέμπ και την Μ Ανατολή. Οι δικτάτορες της περιοχής φοβούνται μήπως έρχεται και η σειρά τους και κάνουν σχέδια.H σπίθα της Τυνησίας άναψε την φωτιά στο Καιρο. Ο ετοιμοθάνατος δικτάτορας Μουμπάρακ , είναι αμφίβολο πλέον αν θα μπορέσει να χρήσει διάδοχό του το γιο του όπως ήλπιζε. ΧΙΛΙΑΔΕ$Σ διαδηλωτές σήμερα στο ΚΑΙΡΟ ζητούν την αποπομπή του Μουμπάρακ..
Inspired by Tunisian demonstrators, thousands of Egyptian protesters on Tuesday gathered in Cairo and other major cities, calling for reforms and demanding the ouster of President Hosni Mubarak, Al Jazeera's correspondents have reported.The anti-government protesters, some hurling rocks and climbing atop an armoured police truck, were chanting slogans against Mubarak, who has ruled the country for three decades.Downtown Cairo came to a standstill with protesters chanting slogans against the police, the interior minister and the government, in scenes that the capital has not seen since the 1970s.

Police fired tear gas to disperse thousands of protesters in the capital, Cairo. Several people are said to have been injured. More than 30,000 police have been mobilized in the city centre to launch a crackdown on the protesters. Some have gathered outside the Supreme Court, chanting slogans against President Hosni Mubarak, who has been in power for three decades, and his government. Protests have also been held in other parts of the country, including the Mediterranean city of Alexandria. The events have been inspired by the recent revolution in Tunisia. "Zine El Abidine -> who is coming next?" the protesters shouted.  Organizers say it is a day of revolt against torture, poverty, corruption and unemployment.  Also ..>> http://garizo.blogspot.com/2010/07/mubaraks-health-seriously-deteriorating.html

The Perfect Genetic Storm – Synthetic DNA and the Gulf Blue Plague ...

The Perfect Genetic Storm – Synthetic DNA and the Gulf Blue Plague

Quickly add Syn-Bio (available from JCVI, SGI, and other private companies) along with a colloidal mixture containing iron, copper, and other natural elements to begin the interactive brewing process. Let it sit for no less than 6-9 months making sure nothing is allowed to disturb it. When there is no more gas coming to the surface and the mixture on the bottom turns into a gelatinous black goo, the first stage of the recipe is finished.
The amazing thing about this new state-of-the-art recipe is what it becomes after the initial first stage brewing process is finished. No-one knows! It’s no wonder some have begun to refer to it as The Blue Plate (BP) Special. You can be assured that once the second stage of this concoction begins to release its mutated biological ingredients, as it appears to have done so already, the rest of the world will abruptly notice.

China to create largest mega city in the world with 42 million people

The "Turn The Pearl River Delta Into One" scheme will create a 16,000 sq mile urban area that is 26 times larger geographically than Greater London, or twice the size of Wales.
The new mega-city will cover a large part of China's manufacturing heartland, stretching from Guangzhou to Shenzhen and including Foshan, Dongguan, Zhongshan, Zhuhai, Jiangmen, Huizhou and Zhaoqing. Together, they account for nearly a tenth of the Chinese economy. Over the next six years, around 150 major infrastructure projects will mesh the transport, energy, water and telecommunications networks of the nine cities together, at a cost of some 2 trillion yuan (£190 billion). An express rail line will also connect the hub with nearby Hong Kong.  "The idea is that when the cities are integrated, the residents can travel around freely and use the health care and other facilities in the different areas," said Ma Xiangming, the chief planner at the Guangdong Rural and Urban Planning Institute and a senior consultant on the project.

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Medvedev in Palestine ..

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev (L) and acting Palestinian Authority chief Mahmoud Abbas
Medvedev in Palestine     "The world is gradually becoming accustomed to the idea that Palestine will join the family of nations this summer."

The sentence, which appeared in the Israeli newspaper Ha'aretz in reaction to the increasing recognition of a Palestinian state, reflects Israel's concern. The recognition gathers pace with the Russian president's visit to the Palestinian territories. Dmitry Medvedev's recent trip to the West Bank constitutes a historical step, which earns notable significance, when juxtaposed with current developments in the Middle East. In Ramallah, President Medvedev said Russia supported the Palestinian people's "right in establishing a united, viable and independent state with East Jerusalem [al-Quds] as its capital." He also said it was one of key conditions for the success of the Middle East negotiations that Tel Aviv halts "all settlement activities” in the occupied West Bank and East al-Quds. The visit would not please Israel, especially after the Russian president described his visit "as the first visit by him to the Palestinian territories and the region, which has nothing to do with visiting a neighboring state [Israel]." He was slated to visit Israel as well, but a strike by the Israeli Foreign Ministry's workers prompted him to go to Jordan and travel by land to the West Bank. 

Clashes break out at Tunisia protest

Clashes have broken out between security forces and demonstrators during an anti-government protest near the office of the interim Premier Mohammed Ghannouchi in the capital Tunis. Mon Jan 24, 2011 7:51AM
Reports say Police fired tear gas at protesters after they threw stone at security forces during the Monday protest in the North African country. Defying a state of emergency, thousands of protesters camped out in front of the office building on Sunday, calling for dissolving the Tunisian government and the resignation of Ghannouchi more than ten days after the ousted President Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali fled the country. Ghannouchi vowed in a televised speech on Saturday to quit his post after the upcoming election due in six months and put an end to his political career, but insisted that he should be there to guard the country through transition to democracy. Opposition politicians and human rights groups, however, called on the interim government to release all political prisoners. Despite the new government's repeated insistence that it has given a blanket amnesty to all political groups, including the banned Islamist opposition, protesters have complained that only a few hundred of those imprisoned for political reasons during Ben Ali's 23-year rule have been released. Tunisia's revolution, which led to the overthrow of Ben Ali, has greatly affected the North African nations and sparked similar protests across the region. On Saturday, hundreds of Egyptians gathered outside the Tunisian Embassy in the capital Cairo to show their solidarity with Tunisians and called for protests similar to those in Tunisia. Meanwhile, hundreds of Algerians defied a ban to stage protest rallies in the capital Algiers on Saturday amid fears that the Tunisian example might repeat itself in the neighboring country. Algerian protesters were confronted by dozens of police officers armed with batons and tear gas. The opposition, Rally for Culture and Democracy (RCD), says several people were arrested and injured as Algerian police broke up the demonstrations. 

Algeria: Opposition to hold street protest - Tunisian protesters forcing govt. to quit

Algeria: Opposition to hold street protest Posted on Friday 21 January 2011 - 13:18

Algerian pro-democracy opposition party, Rally for Culture and Democracy (RCD), said it would stage a rally in Algiers on Saturday to call for democracy, defying a government ban on such a meeting, AFP said.

  1. Algeria: Opposition to hold street protest
    Public grievances over unemployment and rising costs sparked protests in Algeria earlier this month which left five people dead and more than 800 injured.  Observers have said that the Tunisia’s kind of protests could break out in Algeria.Security services are on alert and local officials have received instructions to avoid provocations, according to local newspaper Oran Daily.  Youth unemployment is a major issue in Algeria, a country where, according to the authorities, 15 million of the 36 million population is under the age of 30. Algeria's League for the Defence of Human Rights and four labour unions said they had scheduled a meeting for Friday to address youth unemployment.  The ruling party held a similar gathering Wednesday, which allowed students to air their grievances.

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και όμως.... Zουν αναμεσά μας ...

ΓΑΠ κι ο Σόρος σχεδίασαν την χρεωκοπία! Το πάζλ συμπληρώνεται!


O ΓΑΠ κι ο Σόρος έχουν συναντηθεί πολλές φορές στο παρελθόν και δεν είναι κρυφό, ούτε σκευωρία.
Ο Σόρος διακινεί το 95% των CDS σε όλο τον κόσμο. (wall street journal,businessweek ). Ενας προσωπικός του φίλος, γίνεται Πρωθυπουργός σε μια χώρα, και μετά από 6 μήνες η χώρα αυτή μετατρέπεται στον Παράδεισο των CDS! Μιλάμε για τρελά δισεκατομμύρια! Οποιος είχε οποιαδήποτε εσωτερική πληροφόρηση για το τί θα συμβεί σε αυτή τη χώρα, έβγαλε τεράστια ποσά, ποσά που αντιστοιχούν σε ΑΕΠ ολόκληρων κρατών!
Ποιά είναι η αυτή χώρα;
Στο Παράρτημα στο τέλος μπορείτε να δείτε το αναλυτικότατο ημερολόγιο της προδοσίας, που συνέταξε το dexiextrem.

[UPDATE 05/10/2010]
Αποκαλύπτει στο βιβλίο του “Untermstrich” ο πρώην υπουργός οικονομικών Peer Steinbruck, ότι τον Ιανουάριο του 2009 συναντήθηκε με τον κ. Παπανδρέου όταν ήταν αρχηγός της αξιωματικής αντιπολίτευσης στο Βερολίνο και αφού συζήτησαν για τα δημοσιονομικά και ειδικότερα για το έλλειμμα ο πρόεδρος του ΠΑΣΟΚ του είπε ότι «πλέον δεν είναι σίγουρος εάν πραγματικά θέλει να κερδίσει τις εκλογές». Real.gr εδώ http://www.real.gr/

[UPDATE 22/12/2010]
Η ΕΚΤ εντόπισε για πρώτη φορά συναλλαγή swap με ασυνήθεις όρους τον Απρίλιο του 2009επτά μήνες πριν ξεσπάσει η ελληνική κρίση, 

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Wikileaks Is The "Cognitive Infiltration" Operation Demanded by Cass Sunstein

Nihilists of The World Unite: Wikileaks Is The "Cognitive Infiltration" Operation Demanded by Cass Sunstein

Webster G. Tarpley
January 20, 2011
Obama White House NSC Russia Director Michael McFaul Deploying IMF Shock Therapist Boris Nemtsov as Wheelhorse of Feeble “Stop Putin in 2012″ Bid
Awareness is growing around the world that the Wikileaks-Julian Assange theater of the absurd is radically inauthentic – a psyop. Wikileaks and its impaired boss represent a classic form of limited hangout or self-exposure, a kind of lurid striptease in which the front organization releases doctored and pre-selected materials provided by the intelligence agency with the intent of harming, not the CIA, nor the UK, nor the Israelis, but rather such classic CIA enemies’ list figures as Putin, Berlusconi, Karzai, Qaddafi, Rodriguez de Kirchner, etc. In Tunisia, derogatory material about ex-President Ben Ali leaked by Wikileaks has already brought a windfall for Langley in the form of the rare ouster of an entrenched Arab government.

Tunisian students to form Hezbollah

A Tunisian group, consisted of young students, says it intends to form a Hezbollah-style political party to defend the rights of the people against any possible repression.

The announcement comes days after a historic revolution ousted the country's former president Zine El Abidine Ben Ali. Jamil Ben Alavi, a prominent student leader, says he was optimistic about the promotion of the Islamic values among the youth in the predominantly Muslim country. "The progressive example of Hezbollah in Lebanon can bring light and hope for the Tunisian people," Fars News Agency quoted Ben Alavi as saying. The comments come as thousands of Tunisians have publicly organized congregational prayers over the past days. Meanwhile, some Tunisian TV channels have resumed broadcasting the call for prayer. Ben Ali had pursued a strict anti-Islamic agenda during his rule over the North African country. "He (Ben Ali) was against broadcasting Adhan, holding Friday prayers in mosques during his rule," the Arabic language Al-Mofakirat Al-Islam website said in a report about religious freedom. In an attempt to imitate Western countries, Ben Ali imposed strict laws against the Islamic dress code. A vast majority of the country's population is Muslims and committed to Islamic values. Ben Ali's 23-year of dictatorship, which was marred by repeated human rights violations and torture, ended earlier this month after weeks of street protests.   The ghost of Tunisia is hovering over Maghreb and M East