Marcus, you claim that the Ukrainian protests are nothing more than a provocation on the part of the European Union and the United States. Why? Do you have any sufficient evidence proving your allegations?
I certainly do. I believe that what we are seeing in Ukraine is not what Western media and Western politicians are portraying it is – a matter of freedom versus tyranny. That’s absolute nonsense. If Ukraine was a tyranny, there wouldn’t be protesters out in the streets in the first place. It is quite simple. What we are seeing in Ukraine is an attempt by the opposition forces, which are in fact taking their orders, being encouraged by certain Western countries (most notably the US), to bring down a democratically elected government of President Viktor Yanukovych and install a pro-Western government, which would in their ambitions allow Ukraine to join NATO and then the EU.
And that is what the reality of the situation is. It is a geostrategic game that the West is playing. And the game is this – in the last 20 years, ever since the Soviet Union collapsed Washington has been attempting to place what I call a sanitary cordon around Russia on its western borders. Now, all your listeners need to do is take a map of Europe and they will see that on Russia’s western borders it is pretty much surrounded by countries which are in NATO and which are in the EU. For example, the Baltic states of Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Hungary, Romania.
And this goal of America, it goes back to a doctrine known as the Pentagon’s Defense Planning Guidance of 1992 or more commonly known as the Wolfowitz Doctrine, known after Paul Wolfowitz – its architect. And it basically stated that Russia is the only country in the world that is capable of challenging American global dominance and, therefore, steps must be taken to limit Russia’s influence in the world. And the steps which need to be taken focus on bringing those countries that used to be part of the Eastern Bloc and that used to be part of the Soviet Union, on bringing them into fold of the West.
And also, a very prominent American writer Zbigniew Brzezinski, who used to be the National Security Advisor to President Jimmy Carter…
And he is still in place. I have to interrupt you there, but I know, Zbigniew Brzezinski is a very interesting character, by the way. And frankly, I totally agree with everything you said.
He wrote a book some years ago saying that Russia without close relations to Ukraine would cease to be a global player and, therefore, Ukraine should be brought into NATO. And Brzezinski is a very influential person in the American corridors of power.
Absolutely! And it seems that what you are saying kind of fits the idea of a strategic surrounding of certain power points around Russia. And, of course, as we saw with Georgia, as we’ve seen with Poland etc, it seems like the ex-Slavic or CIS states are being pressured into submission for the sort of the strategic game.
Yes, absolutely!
What is the final aim of the masterminds behind the protests in Ukraine and behind this sort of a plan going back to Zbigniew?
You know, we can cite other countries. We can cite Syria and the American interference there. I mean, it is no coincidence that in Syria the enemy, as America tells the world, is the Syrian Government. And it is no coincidence that the Syrian Government pursues an independent foreign policy has historically close relations with Russia and won’t go down to Western pressure. And it should also be stated that America and the rest of the West, if it is really committed to democracy, freedom, the rule of law, then does it have such a close relationship to Saudi Arabia – a thoroughly wicked, vile regime.
But, going back to Ukraine, the objective is to bring down the democratically elected government of President Viktor Yanukovych and replace it with a government which will be leant towards the West and which will try and end all the economic relations with Russia, and join NATO and the EU. That’s the objective. And let’s not forget, we’ve had senior Western politicians, like the EU official Catherine Ashton, Senator John McCain, the German Foreign Minister flying to Kiev late last year, flying into a country, which is an independent sovereign country, joining the violent protesters in calling for the overthrow of a democratically elected government.
How on earth can these people – the John McCains of this world, the Catherine Ashtons of this world – talk about respecting a country’s independence when they go to an independent sovereign country and call for the overthrow of its government? How would they feel if, how would John McCain feel if a foreign politician came to Washington and joined a protest there against the American government, and called for new elections in America and the overthrow of the American President? It is an intolerable situation.
Very well said, Marcus. And we could see with things like the book of John Perkins, that we’ve mentioned before, here on the show in the previous months, the Economic Hitman how the US had a sort of similar staging-coup-influence in the Latin countries of Bolivia and Peru etc. with Jaime Roldós and, you know. So, this is a very interesting point you are making here that a sort of a similar power is at play here in Ukraine.
So, then, what the Ukrainian opposition really is? Would it be certain intelligence agencies working behind the scenes? Or what role does it play in the protests? And can we say that the leaders of the opposition in Ukraine are just puppets dancing to someone’s tune?
I don’t think we should regard the opposition in Ukraine as a unified force. I would certainly not sit here and say that all the protesters in Kiev are violent. That would be wrong. Some of them are peaceful. And they have absolutely every right to express their dissatisfaction with the economic course of the Ukrainian government.
But there are many other groups which make up the opposition, which are thoroughly repugnant people. Many of them are nationalist or ultranationalist groups which hold anti-Semitic views, which praise those Ukrainians that collaborated with the Nazis during the Nazi occupation of the Soviet Union. People like Stepan Bandera, organizations like the Organization for Ukrainian Nationalists and the Ukrainian Insurgents Army – all three – Bandera and those two organizations I cited just now – they are named by the historians of the holocaust to have participated in the killing of Soviet Jews.
And that is something the Western media is not highlighting. And they are not highlighting it for a reason – because it damages the course of Western governments.