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Bahraini protester dies under torture - Bασανηστηρια - εκτελέσεις και κατοχή στο Μπαχρειν

 Abdul Kareem al-Fakhrawi,

 Abdul Kareem al-Fakhrawi,

The situation in Bahrain continues to deteriorate as another Bahraini citizen, Abdul Kareem al-Fakhrawi, (foto above) has succumbed to death while in police custody. Fakhrawi, a prominent Bahraini businessman, lost his life on Tuesday due to severe torture while in prison, DPA reported, quoting the opposition al-Wefaq group. He is the fourth Bahraini, tortured to death, since anti-government protests began in the country in mid-February. The 49-year-old businessman disappeared on or around April 4, when he went to file a police report against policemen who had earlier raided his home, the report says. 

Fakhrawi had been a potential parliamentary candidate in Bahrain's 2006 elections. The circumstances surrounding his disappearance, detention, and death remain unclear but according to sources his brother identified the body at a local morgue. The Bahrain interior ministry has not commented on the incident. Fakhrawi owned the Fakhrawi bookshop chain and was an investor in the independent daily al-Wasat. The newspaper was being investigated by the government for allegedly publishing false information at the height of the anti-government protests last month -- a claim refuted by the editors. His death comes just a day after Bahrain buried blogger Zakria Rashid al-Asherri, 40, killed while in police custody. Bahraini regime's brutal crackdown on protests has left dozens of people dead and hundreds of others injured. People in Bahrain have been protesting since February 14, demanding an end to the rule of the al-Khalifa dynasty. Demonstrators maintain that they will hold their ground, until their demands for freedom, constitutional monarchy, as well as a proportional voice in the government are met. 

Bahraini forces have severely suppressed the anti-regime protests with the help of Saudi, the UAE and Kuwaiti troops. Many people have gone missing on top of those slain since the beginning of the revolution. In recent days Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International, and Doctors Without Borders/Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF) among other rights groups have criticized the Bahraini government crackdown.
Kαι ενω η διεθνής κοινότητα , αλλά και η Αριστερα κάνουν πως δεν βλέπουν, η κατοχή και τα βασανηστηρια συνεχίζονται στο Μπαχρειν απο τα κατοχικα στρατευματα της Σ Αραβίας. Μεχρι τωρα έχουν καταγραφεί 4 θάνατοι απο βασανιστηρια και 800 "αγνοουμενοι". Είναι φοβερή πλέον η κατασταση στο Μπαχρειν, οι δυναμεις κατοχής κάνουν εφόδους στα νοσοκομεία και βασανίζουν τους τραυματίες , κακοποιουν τους Γιατρους , έχουν δε επιδοθεί σε μπαραζ κατεδαφίσεων Σιιτικων τζαμιών ελπίζοντας ότι τελικά η εξέγερση κατα του φασιστικου καθεστωτος του Χαλίφα θα εξελιχθέι σε διαμαχη Σουνιτών - Σιιτών. 
ΟΙ συληφθέντες και εξαφανισμένοι είναι πανω απο 800, και για τους οποίους υπάρχουν ενδείξεις ότι βασανιζονται συστηματικά . Ηδη υπάρχουν 4 ΘΑΝΑΤΟΙ απο ΒΑΣΑΝΙΣΤΗΡΙΑ ..!! Και όλα αυτα και κατω απο την μύτη των Αμερικάνων και των λοιπων προοδευτικών που μαζεύτικαν εκέι διπλα στο Καταρ .. για να συζητησουν για την Λιβύη.. και πως θα της φανε τα πετρελαια.  Οι εκτελεσεις και Βασανιστηρια βρισκονται στην ημερησια διάταξη στο Μπαχρειν όπως και η χρήση Ασφυξιογόνων αερίων εναντιον των διαδηλωτών όπου και γίνονται τα πρωτα πειράματα αυτων των νέων χημικών, δεν είναι λίγες οι εικόνες σε νοσοκομεία ανθρώπων σε παραλυση και με αδυναμία αναπνοής. Μου κάνει εντύπωση το πέπλο σιωπής γύρω απο το θέμα .. ακόμα και απο τον "προοδευτικό" τύπο και την Αριστερα που για άλλη μια φορά βρίσκεται με απονευρωμένα αντανακλαστικά..
Εξ άλλου η Χιλαρυ το έχει πει .. "Για εμάς το Μπαχρειν είναι σημαντικό γαιτι είναι ο 5ος στόλος μας εκεί.." Δεν είναι τυχαίο ότι το πράσινο φως για την Σ Αραβική εισβολή στο Μπαχρειν την έδωσε η Αμερικανική κυβέρνηση.
Στις φωτογραφιες ο Abdul Kareem al-Fakhrawi ο οποίος αφου συνελήφθη από την αστυνομία και βασανίστηκε πέθανε απο βασανιστήρια. Στις φωτογραφίες είναι εμφανή τα σημάδια των βασανιστηρίων
While the international community and the left organizations and parties do not observe the fact that there is occupation in Bahrain from the Saudi invasion and the on going tortures in Bahrain, so far there have been recorded four deaths from torture and 800 people are "missing". The situation in Bahrain is horrible at the moment, the occupying forces invade hospitals and are torturing the wounded and arrest doctors that are treating the wounded demonstrators. They have engaged in demolition barrage of Shiite mosques hoping that eventually the uprising against the fascist regime of Al - Khalifa will evolve into a conflict Sunni - Shia .
The captured demonstrators , captured after raid in the night in their homes , they are disappeared and are over 800 and there are evidence that systematically tortured. Already there are 4 deaths from torture ..! Characteristic is the case of Abdul Kareem al-Fakhrawi who was tortured to death. And all these happen and under the nose and blessing of the Americans and of the other Europeans that gathered next ..to Qatar .. to discuss Libya and the 'enforcement" of democracy there. The executions and torture are on the daily agenda in Bahrain as well as the use of nerve gases against the demonstrators where they experiment new agents against demonstrations. There are many cases of people in hospitals with paralysis and respiratory failure. 
I am surprised of the veil of silence around this issue .. even by "progressive" organizations and the Left, which once again has shown two standard reflexes as for the human rights issues. Besides, Hillary has said .. "For us Bahrain is important is the fifth fleet is there ". It is no coincidence that the green light for Saudi Arabian invasion in Bahrain has been given by the U.S. government. In the photos Abdul Kareem al-Fakhrawi after he was arrested by the police and died from tortures. In the photos are visible signs of torture

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