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Βahrain uprising ... ( from Al jazeera)

By Al Jazeera Staff inon February 16th, 2011.
From our headquarters in Doha, we keep you updated with reports from our staff across the country and further afield. 
(All times are local in Bahrain, GMT+3)
17 February 2011
17:31pm The latest audio update from one of our web producers at the Salmaniya hospital where pro-reform demonstrators were gathering and chanting:
17:22pm A medical source tells our correspondent that the death toll is likely to rise and that the military might have taken away bodies in a refrigerated truck. 
File 8186
17:02pm Al Jazeera's correspondent says that three more bodies are being kept in the morgue of Salmaniya hospital. There are also reports of another victim - a young girl. Two more patients are fighting for their lives in the hospital. There are also a lot of missing people. A medical source told our correspondent that the army may have taken away bodies in a refrigerated truck.
16:51pm Another video posted on YouTube showing the attack.
16:15pm A spokesman for the central command of Bahrain's forces made a statement on state television:
Bahrain defence forces will take all necessary measures to secure safety, order and stability.
File 8166
16:07pm Al Jazeera's correspondent says that the death toll of the clashes has risen to at least four.
16:06pm Al Jazeera's correspondent in Bahrain reports that the hospitals are full of injured people after last night’s police raid on the protesters. Some of them are severely injured with gunshots. Patients include doctors and emergency personnel who were overrun by the police while trying to attend to the wounded.

16:02pm Reuters: Bahrain to hold emergency meeting of Gulf Arab foreign ministers in Manama on Thursday.
15:45pm The F1 Bahrain Grand Prix scheduled for three weeks time is in serious doubt. The track warm-up event for this weekend (Gp2 Asia series race) has just been canceled due to protests. The circuit had no medical workers available after they were all called to work at hospitals.
13:31pm Anonymous is an online Hackers news organisation, and they issued the statment below:
File 8126
Click here to see the rest of the statment.

Al Jazeera online producer said that booms could be heard from different parts of the city, suggesting that "tear-gas is being used to disperse the protesters in several neighbourhoods".

The Bahrain minister of health has reportedly resigned from his post in protest over police crackdown, this claim has been denied by the health ministry.

Armoured vehicles move towards central Manama after police storm protest site in roundabout, killing at least three. 

 For more updates from Bahrain you can follow this list compiled by Twitter user  : @

9:10am AJE correspondent in Bahrain has said that armoured vehicles can be seen heading towards Bahrain Pearl roundabout.

"some protesters claim two deaths, others three. but dozens are seriously injured

"The Pearl Roundabout is no longer the focal point, now that it is cleared.

"Clashes are now sporadic, not limited to one place, and [they] are spread out in different parts of the city," he said.

File 8091

Bahrain's main Shia opposition bloc says storming of central square by Police was 'real terrorism', the move was aimed to kill, according to Reuters news agency.
File 8061[AFP]
Reuters news agency has reported that more than 50 armoured vehicles heading towards Bahrain pearl square in Central Manama.

At least two pro-reform protesters were killed and dozens were injured as hundreds of Bahraini riot police, armed with tear gas, rubber bullets and clubs stormed the main square in the capital as protesters slept.

A video was posted on YouTube by alibh1 showing the attack. Al Jazeera can't verify the authencity of the video.

The Bahraini Ministry of Interior issued this statement on breaking up pearl roundabout sit-in.
The Ministry of Interior’s spokesperson, Brigadier Tariq Hassan Al Hassan, announced that security forces evacuated the area of pearl roundabout from protesters, after trying all opportunities for dialogue with them, in which some positively responded and left quietly. Others refused to obey the law and that led to interference to make them leave."

Read the full statement here.

 Social networks are a-buzz with news of the attcaks on protesters in Manama. Here are some tweets from the micro-blogging site Twitter
Protesters are chanting: is this reforming? Attacking at 3 am?
seeing pictures of those killed. i'm crying. i'm crying. blood & tears shed. #Feb14 #Bahrain god save us
No one expected, the next revolution would break out in Bahrain. Now, see what's brewing there! Amazing.
4.53am Sources confirm to Al Jazeera that two people have died in the attack on pro-reform demonstrators on Thursday morning. Scores more are injured and are being rushed to a hospital in the capital. A source at the hospital tells Al Jazeera that around 40 injured people have just arrived there.
4.49am An Al Jazeera journalist in Manama reports:
Riot police have set up positions along roads leading into Lulu, and they don't appear to be letting any cars travel towards the square. As security forces break up the protesters currently in the center of the action, police are trying to ensure that the demonstrators' ranks will not swell any further. Helicopters continue flying overhead, and the crackdown could continue for hours.
4.25am Sources tell Al Jazeera that at least one person was killed in the attack on protesters by Bahraini police. A member of the political opposition confirmed that women and children were among those attacked.
410am Maryama Alkawaka of the Bahrain Centre for Human Rights was at Pearl roundabout when police attempted to break up the protest. She said police began shooting at sleeping protesters from the bridge above the roundabout.
She added:
It was very violent, [the police] were not showing any mercy.
This photo by AFP shows demonstrators sleeping at Pearl roundabout before the attack on Thursday.
File 8026
4.03am Al Jazeera's correspondent in the capital Manama said there was a lot of tear gas being fired at the protesters. "I am several miles away but i can feel the tear gas," he said, adding:
The police came very quickly in huge numbers... they have been using tear gas,  been using rubber bullets... and been using jeeps to round-up people.
Abdul Elah, a pro-reform demonstrator who was injured in the attack spoke to Al Jazeera by telephone, saying:
We were sitting there.. peacefully sitting in the square, most of us sleeping.. suddenly the police came surrounding us from everywhere, thousands, shooting us with tear gas, and rubber guns
4.00am A citizen journalist in Manama submitted this footage of police rushing towards Pearl roundabout:
3.30am Police in Manama have used teargas to disperse protesters camped out in the capital, witnesses told the Reuters news agency. "Police are coming, they are shooting teargas at us," one demonstrator said.
Our journalist in Manama said:
I see lots of police cars visible from my hotel window. I can hear choppers flying around, and also hear constant booms, which may be the sound of tear-gas canisters being shot..."
3.20am Our jounalist on-the-ground in Manama tried to access the Live video feed of Pearl roundabout, but the site is blocked in Bahrain. This is the message that gets displayed instead:
File 8006
2.30am An Al Jazeera journalist on-the-ground in Bahrain's capital Manama said:
Driving along King Faisal Highway, one could see on the south side of the street above Pearl roundabout more than two dozen cars pulled over with people camping out for the night waving signs and flags
1.20am A Live camera feed from Bahrain's Pearl roundabout has been set-up online, Twitter user@HelpBahrain tweeted.The footage can be viewed here.
File 7986

1.10am Al Jazeera's correspondent, reporting from Bahrain, said that protesters are standing firm at Pearl roundabout, and they plan to make the site into their own version of Tahrir Square, which was the epicentre of Egypt's revolution.
Our correspondent said the mood at the Roundabout was celebratory but defiant. He added:
What [the protesters] were saying and what they were chanting, I think some here would describe as treasonous. Because the main chant repeated by the large crowd was 'Down with the Khalifa's' ... the al Khalifa royal family have run this country for over 200 years.
Our correspondent sent in this report:
1.05am There are reports on social media that the internet has been slowed in Bahrain.
New York Times columnist Nicolas Kristof just tweeted this:
Why slow the Internet? The #Bahrain govt view seems to be that if it isn't uploaded on YouTube, it hasn't happened.
16 February 2011
11:00pm Footage of a anti-government protester who was shot in the head in Jad Hafas on February 14:

Footage of a wounded protester after clashes with the Bahraini police on February 14:
10:33pm  New York Times columnist Nicolas Kristof just tweeted this:
People singing, chanting, dancing around Pearl Roundabout in Bahrain well into the night. Trucks delivering donated food.
8:20pm Hundreds of anti-government protesters are still gathering on Pearl Roundabout in Manama.
File 7936
7:03pm The Guardian has published five US diplomatic cables from (and about) Bahrain. They are all several years old, but they reflect what the US government knew, and what it was reporting internally, before the turmoil became as intense as it is today.
6:51pm Speaking to Al Jazeera, Matar Ibrahim Matar, a Bahraini Member of Parliament, says that the King should listen to the demands of the pro-democracy protesters.
"Our plan is to take the ruling family out of the direct political positions."
File 7916

5:45pm The latest images from a pro-government rally around the Bahrain National Stadium:
File 7876
File 7896
5:21pm Reports on Twitter say police is clashing with protesters in Sanad, south of Manama.
4:32pm Latest image from the protests at the Pearl Roundabout in Manama [@hussain_info via Twitter]File 7791
4:05pm An eyewitness tells Al Jazeera that a pro-government rally is forming near the National Museum of Manama. Some 70 cars with protesters have gathered near the site. More cars appear to be underway. The protest is overlooked by a small police force.  
2:13pm New York Times columnist Nicolas Kristof just tweeted this:
Bahrain's Pearl Square looks like Tahrir Square all over again. Police gathered in force but standing back for now.
1:43pm Relatives of Fadel Salman Matrouk, who was shot dead in front of a hospital a day earlier where mourners gathered for the funeral of another comrade, attend his funeral in Manama [AFP].File 7771
1:00pm Picture of US-made tear gas that was used against protesters during the past two days. This was taken by Maryam Alkhawaja, head of foreign relations at Bahrain Center for Human Rights.
File 7751
12:08pm Our correspondent says that there are rumours of a third person dying after being injured in protests yesterday. He said that protesters are very angry about this, but it was still unconfirmed.
11:25am Global Voices, an international community of bloggers who report on blogs and citizen media, maintain a special coverage page on the protests in Bahrain.
11:14am Funeral processions ends with burial of the deceased. Some of the protesters reported to head back to Pearl roundabout from the cemetery (Source).
File 7726
10:35am Policemen behind the killing of two protesters in Bahrain have been arrested pending investigation, AFP news agency reports the interior minister as saying, while thousands of protesters continue their demonstration in the centre of Manama.
10:24am Activists say they also want the release of political prisoners, which the government has promised, and the creation of a new constitution.
10:20am Picture from last night showing the crowds beginning to gather at Pearl roundabout. (Pic by Saleh Nass)
File 7706
10:17am Crowds in Bahrain seek wide-ranging political changes, including breaking the monarchy's grip on appointing top government posts.
9:39am Witnesses says that more people continue to join the funeral procession. Picture from twitter (Source).
File 7686
9:37am Thousands following funeral procession, while others continue to occupy Pearl roundabout. (Pic bySaleh Nass)
File 7666
9:20am Nabeel Rajab, president of the Bahrain Centre for Human rights, told Al Jazeera that the King's speech "was too late".
People were expecting him to come out and meet the demands of the people - but he did not talk about how he will address the demands of the people.
People don't want only an investigation about the two killings - they want change.
9:05am Our correspondent says that there are no police in sight and "they are clearly allowing this march and funeral procession to continue".
9:01am Latest pictures from the funeral procession and people marching with it. (Source)
File 7646
9:00am Funeral procession making its way through city, with thousands of people chanting and following it. Some have left work to attend, saying: "It is our duty".
8:45am No police at the hospital now. Funeral will begin soon.
8:36pm Protesters at hospital morgue to collect body of man killed during yesterday's protests.
File 7626
8:34am Redha Haji, live tweeting from Bahrain, sends this update from the morgue where protesters are waiting to receive body of protester killed in yesterday's violence:
Lots more mourners present. All want to pay their last respects. Helicopter above.
8:15am Amnesty International condemns the "heavy-handed tactics used by Bahrain’s riot police" yesterday after the second death in two days. Malcolm Smart, Amnesty International’s Director for the Middle East and North Africa, said:
This second killing within two days is both tragic and a very worrying development."
8:12am Pearl roundabout, a major landmark of the city is occupied by thousands of people. They are very well organised and are saying that they will make this Bahrain's version of Egypt's Tahrir Square.
There are no police officers on the roundabout - they are standing some 700 meters away. A group of protesters will march from the roundabout while others remain and keep it occupied. 
8:03am Anti-government demonstrators in Bahrain are expected stage fresh protests in around 30 minutes.
7:38am Protesters camped out overnight, occupying a square in the capital city, Manama.

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